Jasmine Curtis-Smith of the Now Generation

April 27, 2017

A lovely face, a captivating personality, a pleasant disposition in life, and an incredible brilliance naturally radiate from the beautiful Jasmine Curtis-Smith. For over 7 years in the industry, Jasmine has been seen in various films, theaters, billboards, magazine covers, commercials, and TV appearances. Aside from her wit and charm, one cannot deny Jasmine’s influence to the young people a.k.a. the millennials of today.

She may seem to be living in a world of glitz and glamour, but this 23-year-old remains to be relatable and genuine with her words and works. An actress, endorser, and an influencer among many others, she sees social media as an avenue for people to spread good vibes and positivity.

Blogapalooza had the opportunity to ask Jasmine up close about her views on online influence, responsible use of social media, and a couple of personal things. Read on to get to know the first and this month’s Maven!

On InfluenceBlogapalooza: What is influence for you?

Jasmine Curtis-Smith: Influence is when you have the power to sway people’s opinions into a different direction, or at least provide them a different perspective without seeming you are on the offense, but rather just inviting. It is about being true to yourself and the things you like and dislike.

B: Do you believe that if you’re a celebrity, you are already an influencer?

JCS: Yes, kasi maingay na ‘yong pangalan mo. Maingay ka na sa TV, maingay ka pa sa news, so automatically, you’re influencing people’s lives without even noticing it. You influence them in the way that they shop and prefer something over another, sometimes they buy things that they don’t really need but they see that you recommend it so they try it. If you’re a celebrity, it’s almost automatic that you have some degree of influence already.

B: Do you consider yourself as an influencer? Why or why not?

JCS: Yes, definitely in many different aspects. I’d like to believe that because I really like and use the things I endorse and I am very genuine, so my influence is legit.

B: What are your fields of interests and things that you have influence over?

JCS: Definitely the millennials, the ones who are searching for something to relate to about feeling in the limbo on where they’ll go to after high school or college. People who are looking for some kind of assurance that it is okay to get lost sometimes. Those are the people within my range, and mostly students who are females. I think I speak very well to girls growing up and to girls around my age range, around 20-25 years old, because I’m very relatable. Also just recently, the LGBT community because of my last film, Baka Bukas. That’s huge I guess influence partaking that I have done in the past 6 months.

B: Who are the people who influence you as Jasmine, not the actress, but a person?

JCS: Majority of them are just people around me. I do a lot of reading online, that’s where I get most of my ideas from. I also look up to public personalities abroad like Emma Watson, who decided to really speak up and be a spokesperson, not just an actress. I also look up to Lee Larson. She’s not your typical A-Lister but she makes great films and she’s there playing the non-typical female roles. Sila yung mostly nag-iinfluence sa ‘kin and I look into what they are fond of doing and what their advocacies are. I’m not really a one-idol type of person; I have plenty of people I look up to, especially powerful and inspiring women, and I sort of “assemble together” things I really like about them. Like for example, Emma Watson is bringing up gender equality. I think that’s a good idea, so I’ll do something similar also.

B: On Instagram, you have almost 2M followers, Do you still monitor your followers?

JCS: No, that’s done by my management. Sila ang nagmomonitor, but I am really the one who manages it. I’m super hands-on with my social media accounts and I’m very responsive to my followers.

B: What is the best about being an influencer?

JCS: It’s having an avenue to share what’s on your mind and people really listen to you. Just recently, I’ve come to terms with the fact that not all my posts will get as many likes as I wish. Kasi likes are sort of your “validation” eh, but I realized that it’s really not about the likes. It’s about the content of your post: the relevance, the manner by which it is written, if it speaks well to your audience and if it’s legit your language. Something that you’re likely to recommend in person talaga. The point is helping out whoever client needs the help from marketing, that’s my job.

B: What is the worst thing about being an influencer?

JCS: The worst thing about it is that people expect that whatever you post is your life. They don’t see the inbetweens. And people will tend to judge you based on what you post. You can’t help it though, because when you’re a celebrity or an influencer, much of your life because public na rin.

On Personal Branding and Choosing Brands to work with

B: Do you choose your brands?

JCS: Yes, of course! I believe if you’re an influencer, you have to be cautious about brands you work with. When you talk to your followers, that’s your name on the line eh. Dapat you’re authentic about what you say about the brands.

B: How do you create content for your client brands?

JCS: Usually, they have guidelines, but I request to have creative control, because the point is they’re getting me as a personality to cater to my niche and I know my audience better, so when I post, I know what is more effective. We know what our followers want to see, what kind of post gets more likes, what type of content gets more positive reception, etc.

B: What is your branding online? How do you want to be known?

JCS: I want to be known as someone who’s very professional and hardworking. I don’t like people to think that just because I look masungit, I’m a diva na agad. For example, when I go to taping, I am there 30 minutes before the call time, because I hate being the cause of delay. It’s a whole day’s worth of shoot. You’re not just there for 3 hours; it’s a whole day and you’re affecting everyone.

When it comes to social media, I want to be known as a person who gives quality output. I don’t want “pwede na,” I want that it’s always the best.

B: Describe your personal brand in three words.

JCS: Real, Professional, and Quality

B: Do you also say no to brands?

JCS: Yes, of course! I believe responsibility mo ‘yan as an influencer, say no to brands that don’t fit your branding.

B: How do you say no?

JCS: I talk to my manager right away if I have the feeling that I can’t promote the brand very well. My audience knows my aesthetic, preferences, and style, so for brands that I work with, I just find an angle that fits my personality and I focus on that instead.

B: You were branded before as “Anne Curtis’ sister,” what is your advice to those people who are branded as someone else’s __________?

JCS: Use it to your advantage. Wala namang mawawala sa ‘yo. Learn to define yourself through that brand because magiging part ‘yan ng career mo forever kahit ayaw mo, and hindi naman talaga ‘yan matatanggal sa pangalan mo so learn to work with it. Just start being vocal about who you wanna be. Like ako, yes I’m the sister of Anne Curtis, but I’m also an actress and may ibubuga ako on my own. I stand for things I personally believe in, I have my personal choices, and I don’t necessarily stand for what she stands for. You just have to be confident about presenting yourself as your own person.

Jasmine in the Digital WorldB: On social media sites, where are you most active in?

JCS: Instagram. This is where everyone is, I think. All the people that I interact with are mostly on Instagram. Also, it’s easy to interact with fans in Instagram.

B: Do you get to read all of the comments there?

JCS: Yes. I am actually very hands-on with my social networks and I know my audience very well. I know that my followers are not the masa crowd. I am not a masa personality.

B: How do you feel when someone asks to take a photo with you?

JCS: Sometimes I don’t like it, because there are times that I just want to walk freely without so much attention. I also get conscious because of that. But of course, majority of the time, I say yes because it’s a simple joy for people to take a picture with you. I actually like it when I see people happy when they take a photo with me. But of course, when I feel like my privacy is invaded, that’s where I get irritated and I don’t hide it. That’s actually a problem for an artista to have because you should always have a smile on your face.

B: How do you respond to bashers?

JCS: Delete, ignore, or patol. Patol when they cross the line, like when they go very personal and when my family or people close to me suddenly get involved even if wala naman silang kinalaman.

What is your take on #ResponsibleMedia?

I think we need to incorporate it in education becaus majority of the people online are also the young ones and these are people like my little sister who’s 7 years old has accounts on social media and most of the time I don’t know what she posts so para lang may guidelines sila on how to use it responsibly.

For us naman mga influencers, just be more in touch with humanity rather than money because it is so easy to be caught up with money in our industry and it is very inviting because if you are a big time influencer, more clients would want you but at the end of the day, also know that you have to find out the brands you represent are also brands we actually believe in whatever their values are or their mission and vision are. Sana in line ka din dun kasi it would be so redundant to just be a marketing tool – parang naging billboard ka lang. If that’s what you are, okay. Happy ka dun, okay fine but for me, it’s really like you have the power, you have the voice, you have the numbers, you have the reach of million followers or hundred thousands or thousands, whatever. Meron kang following so use it naman in a way to positively influence or at least bring awareness. Don’t just be a billboard online, be someone that influences this country of ours to its current state. On a bigger scale, you really have to be kasi nakakapagod na talaga. I’m done! I’m just done! Like ngayon, I’m just fine. I wont shout at the top of my lungs anymore. I am just okay, this is what I’m saying but don’t mind me at all. Go to someone else to who you’ll listen to. Don’t waste your time. That’s me!

Fast Talk

One word that describes you as an influencer: Totoo

Is number of followers important to you? Not really

Person you always stalk: Wala.

Pet Peeve? People in cinemas who has their screenphones on! If you’re not watching, get out of the cinema!

Last person you called? Rona. (Her road manager)

Last song you sang? Don’t Panic by Coldplay

If you can access a person’s mind, whose will it be? Jeff Ortega

Can you live without a smartphone? Yes!

Your most treasured possession? My dogs.

Most beautiful place in the Philippines? My home.

In the world? Anywhere with my mom.

Part of the day you like? Night time, because I love to sleep.

Favorite Instagram filter: None

Pathy with H or without? Without. Haha!

Choose one role (TV/Movie/Theater): It’s hard! Three na lang – Yael of Transit, Alex of Baka Bukas, and Izabel of Forever Sucks.

Describe Jeff in one word: Nakakagigil!!!

How do you see yourself in 5 years? Sana may nabuo na akong women empowerment group.

Lights on or lights off: Lights off! *blushes*


Creative direction and words by Zandy Palisoc

Photography by Rap Yu

Assisted by Jon Paulo Ojon

Hair by Avril Seguin

Make up by John Pagaduan

Styled by Cath Sobrevega of Qurator Studio

Stylist’s assistant: Riri Verano

Interviewed by Ace Gapuz

BTS: JC dela Cruz

Shot on location at Novotel Manila Araneta Center

Special thanks to Rona Baguio of Vidanes Celebrity Marketing.